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Top 7 Maneskin Songs of All Time

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Maneskin was founded in 2016 in Rome, Italy. Singer Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi, and drummer Ethan Torchio met at JF Kennedy Science High School. Raggi and De Angelis knew each other, but David and Torchio were recruited through Facebook ads. DeAngelis is the guy who came up with the band’s name. She is half Danish and was asked to say a few words in Danish, Maneskin, which means stuck moon. Although they started out as street performers, giving their first concerts on the streets of Rome to passersby, they quickly became famous on The Italian x Issue by the end. in second place with the song Any individual Instructed Me by The Killers. During the show, they were coached by Manuel Agnelli, the lead singer of Afterhours. Their first single peaked at #2 on the Italian FIMI Singles Chart.

This success prompted them to release their debut album Il Ballo Della Vita, released in 2018. The same they released their second album Teatro d’Ira Vol. 1, they won the Eurovision Song Contest playing their own song Zitti e Buoni. In 2019, the group went on their first international tour, which was recorded on the band’s youtube channel. In 2021, Maneskin participated in the Sanremo Music Festival, where one of their singles won the competition. Their music is inspired by musicians of various genres, including Bruno Mars, Crimson Sizzling Chili Peppers and Arctic Monkeys. Each member of the group brings a distinct style to the band. However, they all love Harry Kinds from Ohne Route, even cowl two of his songs. Today, Maneskin is one of the most successful groups in Italy. To date, they have had seventeen platinum and six Italian gold and have charted two number-one albums.


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The opening of the song is traditional rock and roll with technical overlays. As the song progressed, it quickly changed the genre to rap. Although it is Italian, the song has a distinctive Latin sound. When the lyrics are translated, they will become the story of a character who thinks they are invincible and that no matter what difficult times they go through, they will always regain their confidence and move on. continued life.

Fear for nobody

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The overall vibe of this song is solemn and triumphant. It’s a song of strength, all about standing your ground and accepting the challenges of life with purpose. Damiano David’s voice sounds a lot like Adam Levine, the frontman of Maroon 5, and the song’s lyrics and beat feel like something out of the group’s catalog.

Are you ready?

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Even though the song incorporates a drive-in rap technique, there are plenty of songs that have managed to achieve something similar without its richness. Everything about the track is very well mastered, and each part of the overwhelming track weaves into the lyrics harmoniously.


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The chorus of the song is Coraline, Coraline, tell me your truth, which goes well with the soft guitar in the background. Damiano David’s voice sounds lamentable throughout the song instead of being overly stylized. Near the middle of the song, the beat changes and the music transitions into a post-grunge phase. However, it maintains an evocative feel from start to finish.

Moiro Da Re (I will Die As a King)

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This is a song with a different sound from many others in the group’s catalog. The lyrics are a sinister love song about a person who wants to take their loved one with them because they can’t live without her and convince him to go with her on her dark journey.

VENT’ANNI (Twenty years old)

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Many songs about youth and maturity sound like the tongue-in-cheek Blink 182s in What’s My Age Once more, a tribute to the debauchery of youth. However, these lyrics are about an introspective journey in your 20s when you wonder what your mark on the world would be like and if you really left that mark. It’s also about striving for lofty goals despite questioning whether you can achieve them.


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Youthful optimism and pursuing one’s dreams with unflinching passion are at the heart of the song. While many singers speak slowly as if trying to convince upcoming singers that it’s okay, Maneskin makes pursuing your dreams an exciting journey, not a journey. tirelessly that you will probably cycle around. Like group 311 from the ’90s, this song is a mix of rock, reggae, hip hop, and funk power.

Maneskin’s career is on the rise, and as they continue to explore more genres and grow in the music field, they will certainly continue to grow and accumulate a fan base. Although their music itself is quite popular, the lyrics are also catchy and easy on the eyes.

These above  are 10 facts about Maneskin. If you are an avid fan of this band, do not hesitate to visit our store to see Maneskin merch.


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