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Maneskin: 10 Things About Italy’s Eurovision 2021 Group That You Can Ignore

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Måneskin Zitti e buoni Italy Eurovision 2021
Maneskin’s song “Zitti e buoni” will represent Italy in Eurovision 2021.After a stunning victory at the annual Festival di Sanremo, the rock band from Rome gained the privilege to fly the Italian flag in Rotterdam. They are now on their way to the Netherlands, where they want to deliver Italy its first song contest triumph since 1990.We’ve created a list of 10 facts about Maneskin that you should be aware of. Let’s get started!

Italy at Eurovision 2021: Facts about Måneskin

They met at school

Victoria De Angelis (bass) and Thomas “Er Cobra” Raggi (guitar) had known each other since they were in middle school together. Despite knowing about one other’s love of music, they didn’t get close until August 2015, while attending the J.F. Kennedy Scientific High School in Rome. They agreed to form the band at that point. They were eventually joined by Damiano David, a vocalist, and Ethan Torchio, a drummer. The latter was hired after responding to a Facebook ad.

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They’re Italian but their name is Danish

By chance, the four members picked the name Maneskin. According to Victoria, the band was seeking for a moniker to join a local music competition for new bands. “But we had no idea what to call ourselves.” Then came the inspiration: because Victoria is partly Danish, the research would center on a term from that language. When the bassist said “Mneskin,” everyone fell in love with the sound and the iconicity of it. They were so taken with the Nordic nation that they decided to visit it a few months later. The term means’moonlight’ in Danish. It brought good luck. The band went on to earn first place in the competition. It was the start of a promising career.

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Their singer shares his birthday with two rock icons

Måneskin’s 22-year-old singer Damiano David was born on January 8, 1999. Exactly 64 years earlier, on January 8, 1935, one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century was born: Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll. A few years later, on January 8, 1947, it was the turn of The Thin White Duke David Bowie, another leading and influential figure in the music industry and one of the greatest artists of all time. Curiously enough, all three share the same date of birth with another figure, known for much more unflattering reasons: Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea, born on January 8, 1984.

They started their career as buskers in Rome

Måneskin honed their craft in the heart of Rome, their city of origin. The hours of rehearsals in the studio were flanked by live performances for passers-by. You could hear them on the streets of the city’s historic centre, including the famous Via del Corso and the Colli Portuensi district.

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They found fame on X Factor Italia

The general public got to know Måneskin during the eleventh season of X Factor Italia in 2017. On the talent show, they were coached by Manuel Agnelli, leader of the alternative rock band Afterhours. They were considered the favourites to win from their first audition onward. They eventually came second, behind pop tenor Lorenzo Licitra. But some of their performances on stage went viral, such as when they covered “Kiss This” by The Struts while Damiano was pole dancing wearing a pair of stiletto-heeled boots.

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They share the same manager as two former Eurovision artists

Måneskin are undoubtedly a super talented bunch. But much of their success is also down to Marta Donà, their manager. She is recognized for her professionalism and ability to build credible careers for her artists, which are appreciated by the public and critics alike. Marta helms LaTarma Management, a team of women that deals with the promotion and consulting activities of artists and personalities related to the world of music and entertainment. She began her career in the field of management working alongside Marco Mengoni, her flagship artist. A few years later she began collaborating with Francesca Michielin. She seems to know the recipe for success!

They’re inspired by Harry Styles

Interviewed by online magazine The Upcoming at the time of their London gig on 22 February 2019, Måneskin revealed the artists which have shaped their style. The four musicians admitted to having very different tastes, ranging from Bruno Mars to the Red Hot Chili Peppers via the Arctic Monkeys. But there is one name in particular on which they agree, the former One Direction singer Harry Styles. It is no coincidence that Måneskin have covered two songs of the singer: “Kiwi” and “Carolina“.

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They spent a month touring Europe

Maneskin started on their first worldwide tour in February 2019, with eleven concerts in various European nations. They made stops in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain, Paris, France, Zurich, Bern, and Lugano, Switzerland, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Munich, Germany, Brussels, Belgium, and London, England. The event was documented in a half-hour documentary posted on the band’s YouTube page. In their spare time between gigs, they may be seen working on a new song’s beat. Damiano cracks a joke with guitarist Thomas Raggi, telling him, “Come on, Thom, you’re going to win Sanremo.” They earned the renowned Sanremese golden lion two years later.

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They often mention the name Marlena in their songs

Måneskin mention the name Marlena on five tracks from their first studio album Il ballo della vita: “Torna a casa”, “Morirò da re”, “L’altra dimensione”, “Le parole lontane” and “Niente da dire”. Måneskin explained who Marlena was during a concert held in late 2018. She is not a physical person, but the personification of the message they want to launch with their music. She’s an ideal of freedom, life and creativity. She’s nothing more than an imaginary figure that encompasses all four members of the group and even the fans and listeners themselves. No secret love of the frontman or other band members, then. Marlena is everyone and no one at the same time. This remains a fundamental concept for Måneskin and, more generally, for the existence of us all.

They are among Italy’s most successful artists of recent years

In less than four years, Måneskin have already surpassed the milestone of one million copies between albums and singles. They’ve collected seventeen platinum records and six gold records in Italy. They have two number one albums (2018’s Il ballo della vita and 2021’s Teatro d’ira – Vol: 1), one number one single (“Torna a casa”) and three number two singles (“Chosen”, “Morirò da re” and “Zitti e buoni”).

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These above  are 10 facts about Maneskin. If you are an avid fan of this band, do not hesitate to visit our store to see Maneskin merch.


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